2021 Polaris Axys 850 Mid Bog Agility Kit

Jan 17, 2021
500 Miles on this sled, mid bog when I punch it and it driving me nuts. Running at 2500-4000ft with high humidity. Tried 50/50, 75/25,80/20 Ave Gas nothing changed also ran straight 91 and seemed to detonating more with just 91. Change spring in secondary, changed plugs to BR’s, check belt deflection and it’s fine, had it to the dealer for a over all check, talking with Boondocker, but they always seem to forget I am running low elevation, still not getting anywhere on resolving this issue. I sometimes get it to clear if I roll on and off the throttle,but usually into situations when I don’t have time to do that. If I am climbing a hill and keep it around 6500-7000 and than punch it, it will bog and stay around 7000-7200rpm with throttle wide open and will not clear no matter how long i hold it open for. Need to keep punching it and hope It will clear. It’s a bitch to start as well, need to pull it 6-12 times and hold the throttle wide open for it to start, even when it’s warm or hot. My ears are open to any suggestions.

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Jul 22, 2008
Have you checked your TPS ?
WOT on start sounds really rich what do your plugs look like ? whats your AFR reading when its bogging ???
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