2020 Camso DTS 129 Used once!

Nov 23, 2021
$3,400 ish please!
2020 Model Camso DTS 129 with a fit kit for all 2017 and newer Honda 450s.
Bought this last season because I couldn't resist (I'm a dealer so at least the price wasn't terrible) and only used it on one trip, maybe 40 miles.
It's been cleaned and kept inside my heated basement, so just as nice as new.
I thought I could talk one of my buddies into getting one as well, but they all have cheap older sleds. Not really possible to ride together unless I want to just cruise down a bumpy trail on the snowbike.
Wheel kit also included to make it easy to move around.
Just email me at john@cycleloveny.com and let me know when you want to come pick it up. I'll try to remember to check replies on here but you know...... IMG_2011.jpg IMG_8948.jpg
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