2019 Alpha Cat Brake Rotor issues


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Jan 22, 2008
Greenville Ca.
So I picked up a nice 2019 Alpha at the end of last year and was only able to ride it one time for a few miles before the end of season. Over the summer I went through it making sure everything was good to go for this season and noticed the two nuts that hold the brake rotor solid in place were not there. One was completely gone and the other was lying in the bottom of the pan under the brake rotor. I got a replacement nut and put both back on tight using a mallet and punch (don't have the fancy $60.00 tool). Did a small road ride today and both came back off and were lying in the bottom again beating the sh*t out of the brake rotor. I thought I got them on really tight and am not sure what is happening. Any ideas? I'm going to buy two new ones from Country Cat tomorrow and have fund the proper socket to tighten them from my local shop but I'm wondering if there isn't something else going on here. Maybe I should use Lock-Tight? And thoughts are appreciated.


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Dec 27, 2008
Nampa, Idaho
use a 4x4 hub tool for the old 70's front ends you can get them for about 20.00 has the right pattern but not a perfect fit but will get the job done for way less and you just might have one in the back of the tool box. take the nut down to you local auto zone and test fit it as there are 2 sizes


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Nov 15, 2010
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When in doubt always lock tite, I used a chisle to get mine off, and used it to put them on, but I put a good bit of loctite on them and i marked them as well for visual inspection to see if they had started to turn, one ride and good so far.
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