2019 Alpha 165 - 525 miles!

Apr 11, 2018
Spokane, Wa
Thinking of selling and ordering a new sled. This is a 2019 Alpha with 525 miles. It is stock and has a GGB trail can. Will sell as it is pictured. This sled has never had any issues, it has been great! The sled is in perfect condition, track is perfect. Comes with a new spare belt too.
It has 1 year remaining on warranty so it will be covered all of this next winter. Asking $10,950 obo located in Spokane, Wa

509-934-6966 C2C03D24-4D6F-46B9-8A54-45A7A4E30CCF.jpeg 821EE1A8-30A4-4C79-82A5-69D4295EA604.jpeg F34E2187-C4FA-45BC-B00D-927C81AD78D1.jpeg 06EE6FEB-F88D-4012-9C33-23B2CB1CBBA3.jpeg 1741F0FE-B017-42AC-B03E-718A53DEE1E8.jpeg 84E9B585-06AB-4CE6-AAFB-6801CD2FA2F0.jpeg BD245E22-C13F-4B7C-A0A0-83E556B267A5.jpeg
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