2018 Sidewinder MTX vs MTX SE


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Mar 10, 2011
I am buying a new 2018 Sidewinder MTX in the next couple of days. I am looking at a standard MTX vs an MTX SE. I like the HPG coil over shocks and 2.6 PC on the MTX but the MTX SE is ~$1500 cheaper. I didn't love the Float 1/2's on my MCX 190 Nytro but they did the job. How do the Float 3's perform? I am also a little worried about the performance and durability of the 3" PC on the trails, in spring riding conditions and braking during step descents. I can always change the track later but hate to tear into a brand new sled. On the other hand, I could probably make a few hundred bucks by selling the new 3" PC and replacing it with the tried and true M9175.

Thoughts? Any strong opinions about the 2.6 vs 3.0 PC? I ride in all kinds of conditions (deep powder, hard pack, hill climbing, small jumps, tree riding and 80 mph down the trail). I always run scratchers on the trails and have had good luck with both a 2.6 PC and 2.5 Camo Extreme on my Nytro. I am leaning toward spending a little more money on the lower spec sled to get closer to what I want. Am I crazy?

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