2017 Sidewinder With 2018 Updates


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Oct 11, 2008
Some where in the hills ID
I've got a 2017 with 2018 updates done Yamaha Sidewinder LE. It has
Kmod gen 3 rear skid with raptor shocks
175 conquer 280 with 3.5" pitch
TKI belt drive and geared down for tree riding
280hp Evo stage 3 tune
GGB can
Airbox delete
Pcv reroute
Billet blowoff
Lithium battery
Cr racing tunnel extension
Viper steering column (massive advantage in handling)
Bdx light weight brake.
Weighs in at 585 fueled up ready to ride. Only 10 lbs heavier than our 175 turbo 850 ski-doo with belt drive!

This is the first Yamaha that can truly be ridden in the trees. The gear reduction and Ibexx clutching helped the spool up drastically. The steering column and light weight made it handle like a 2 stroke and you can't beat that Yamaha power. Yes the 175 did hurt the handling a bit but made it fun on deep days. I have the stock track and 162 rails for the kmod if you want them. Also can get raptor shocks for it at a price. They make a huge difference as well I've got another of the same sled and just don't need 2. Also can get any tracks you would like at discounted prices.
11,500 or shoot me a price OBO


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