2017 LTS Snow Conditions

Track Man

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Dec 24, 2007
Coppins Meadow
We only got about 3 inches out of this latest storm. Came in last night on the 07 Road freshly groomed. Suns out today. Should be some great riding.


Apr 18, 2016
Just wanted to say thank you to track man and his wife for the hospitality. Have had an absolute blast out there. First year messing with motors on snow and Ive been trying to work the bugs out of my cr500 powered snowbike, trackman has been a big help keeping the thing going. Had a great time last time out. It took us a few hours to get over to the cabin, I thought it would take a while to get back...you had us back too quick!!! Haha. I'm into our remodel now and probably done for the year. Hope you have a good rest of the season and hope to see you and your wife next year. Thanks again!!
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