2017 G4 850 165 3" with MPI Turbo


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Aug 28, 2013
Bothell, WA
Has a lot of stuff (over 30 K invested):
Skinz front and rear bumpers
Burly Fab narrow boards
6" RSI risers (got 4" for it too)
Skinz Free Ride seat
Skinz Electric Arc
SLP brake lever
MtnTk blow hole (never have blown a belt)
MPI pump gas turbo kit
SHR clutching
ZRP billet aluminum upper and lower A arms
Fox Evol shocks front and rear
Tom's Emotion rear skid
Skinz helium hood
Diamond S can if you want to take the turbo off
Stock seat and hood
I might be missing something...

Sled runs great has about 950 miles on it. Turbo has been on it since 500 miles. There is a whole thread on Snowest with a bunch of pictures otherwise pm me and I can email some.

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