2017 850 summit lost all electrical power

Apr 5, 2019
La pine, Or
Working on a friends sled ( 2017 850 summit 165”) and they took it out for a ride. Rode a few hours no issue, while riding they lost headlights but kept riding 10 minutes to their stopping point. Turned sled off had lunch and went back to the sled and it would not crank over but his accessory light bar worked (also the fuse for headlight was popped and kept popping fuses when put in). He clutch started the sled and it would idle but took no throttle would just bog down. Left the sled overnight and came back with a new battery. Installed new battery with same issue and towed the sled down the mtn.

I got the sled put new fuse in and it fired right up takes throttle rides drives lights warmers everything is normal. Plan to clean grounds check connections and preform a wiggle test on every wire I can reach.

I don’t want to send them back into the mtn without knowing what happened. Has anyone else seen of or had a similar symptom? If so what did you find.

Thanks for the advice and happy sledding


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Feb 17, 2008
Boise, ID
My 2017 Summit X 165 had a new wiring harness installed under warranty back in the spring of 2018, that fixed all the strange electrical issues the sled was having.

So your options maybe:

1. Replace the wiring harness and be done with it........or

2. Chase an endless number of issues and have an unreliable sled that will leave you stranded without notice.

Just my $.02
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