2016 xm ruff idle

Dec 13, 2007
i have a 2016 xm and it runs great all day, but it usually takes 2 pulls to start unless i give it a little throttle while i pull, then it starts first pull, seems to idle a little ruff 1200 rpm 1150 then back to 1200 ish, just enough if your listening to it you know its not perfect, my sled always seems to burn a little more fuel than the other xms that i ride with, about 4 liters more a ride, of course its tuff to know exactly because we all ride a little different, but i always do burn more gas for about the same kms as the other xms, sled has 1800 kms, new plugs start of the season, "just before i bought it" other than these things it runs flawless all day, i had a 14 xm i put 3000kms on it zero issues wicked on fuel noticeably better than the 16, so.. anyone have a xm that idles a little off and burns a little more fuel than normal? and if so what solutions did you come up with?


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Mar 12, 2009
If you're saying that your idle goes from 1150 to 1200 and does this continually at idle, my 14 XM has done that since day 1, i've always thought it was normal operation. I just had my engine rebuilt about a month ago and it does the same thing.
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