2016 Axys suspension

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Sep 27, 2010
Lake Almanor, Ca
Selling my suspension from my 2016 axys now that it is leaving the stable. This stuff has been sitting in a box and is in good condition

Front end- 39-40" set up. $500
4 A arms painted black and come with all bearings installed. Completely straight but do have a few nicks from average riding
2 blue spindles (1 has a scrape on the side from sidehilling over a rock)
2 tie rods.
Walker Evans Shocks with white springs. (not RR)
I'd really like to sell this as a package deal. Will separate if it doesn't sell as is.

Rear Shocks- Walker Evans (not RR)
front track shock with white spring $100
rear track shock with white spring $125
both rear shocks were taken off when I bought the sled and upgraded shocks at 670 miles. Haven't been used since

can provide pictures upon request
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