2014 XM 154 for sale priced to go!

Ok Ive been slacking about getting this on the forum. Selling my 2014 XM 154. This thing is the sickest sled that I have built yet. It has RSI bars risers, control pod relocation, and switches. Slydog hellhound skis, Toms Clutching 3-d arms, ramps, and springs. Toms Powderwedges that improve your track angle, Toms Emotion ski with Fox Evol r shocks and ski shocks, Skins Airframes and rear bumper and exhaust can. 1 full year of warranty left, and a signature Dlee Sledwraps wrap on it. has around 2,700 miles and is ripping! My sleds are well maintained and always ready to go. email me if interested. asking for $9,000. priced to go!! duncanlee775@gmail.com


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