2014 Ski Doo XM 154" Flex Edge Track $400 and More!

Dec 28, 2008
Coarsegold, Ca.
I have a 2014 Ski Doo SP Summit 154" that i am parting out. Lots of aftermarket goodies! Sled has low miles and all parts being sold are in great condition! Sled was hit on the front left corner damaging the bulkhead and A Arms on that side. Decided to part out and get a new 850 this year..as hard as it is to let go of this sled. I loved it! Everything besides the bulkhead and a arms will be sold. I'll do my nest to keep updating pics and parts. If theres anything you need, let me know. Just wanted to get a head start, the season will be here before we know it!

Ice Age Rails $250.00
Ice Age Rail Stiffener $40.00
Rooster Built Primary $400.00
Rooster Built Secondary $300.00
CFR Boondocker 2.0 Bars Complete w/ hand warmers $150.00
Ski Doo Adjustable Riser $140.00
Seat $100.00
154" Track Flex Edge ( not abused ) $400.00
Etec Engine ( runs great. aprox. 1300 miles ) $1500.00
SLP Y Pipe $50.00
SLP Silencer $200.00


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