2014 Arctic Cat XF8000 Losing Spark

Feb 18, 2018
Camanche, IA
I have a 2014 Arctic Cat XF8000. Was cruising the trails in Wisconsin last week, sled ran Great for 3 days, on the 4th day, pulled over to wait for the group. Sled was idling and then just died. pulled the cord and it fired back up for 10 seconds and died again. got it to run for a hundred yards and died again. happened a few times and finally had to be pulled in.

Once I got home, sometimes it would start, sometimes it wouldn't. Key and Kill switch seem to be operating fine, but i installed an inline spark tester and every time the engine misses or dies the spark goes out.

No error codes popped up, all other functions, lights, hand warmers etc. seem to be functioning properly.

I am trying to test the stator, does anyone know the proper procedure and ohms readings to properly test the stator?

Any other suggestions of things to double check??



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Dec 2, 2007
Kootenays, BC
Having same issue with a 2013 M8 Limited. Going to try stator tomorrow.
Mine turned out to be intermittent fuel pump power, changed stator and still did same thing at first, jumped pump with battery to prime it and plugged it back in while running and pump turned on and sled kept running. Seems to start every time now but it has done this to me in past. Tried different ECU while issue happening, no difference. Pump ground in harness is good. Thinking I may have a main harness issue as wiggling harness going to pump seemed to cure problem but so intermittent it is hard to tell. Stator and ECU are good for sure so harness is only thing left. Pump works fine when it has constant power.
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