2014 920bb, vipec, nitrous


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Nov 26, 2007
West fargo, ND
2014 m8, 162 with dakota performance 920bb with vipec ecu. 1600 miles on chassis, fresh top end 200 miles ago.

-Dakota performance 50hp shot nitrous controlled by switch with vipec, two 2.5lbs bottles, a blast and super safe with the vipec, instant 10mph of track speed climbing

-tki belt drive, dropped like 17mtn cat

-3inch power claw(500miles)

-hps can and speedwerx y pipe

-updated 36inch front end with evols and gripper skis

-2017 mtn cat rear skid with 10inch alpha wheels and tki offset

-kmod carbon fiber hood..will also include stock hood

-boyson reeds and 50mm throttle bodies

-bmfab skinny boards

-cut secondary clutch

-next stage guage update

Runs great and is a blast to ride.

Located in fargo, nd



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