2013 Pro RMK 800 engine parts and turbo.


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Nov 26, 2007
Just let me know if any questions or want pics. Could deliver to haydays or ship if needed. Thanks

Silber Turbo-external wastegate-includes all parts-programmed ECU-MDS turbo heads/MDSclutching setup-was bought new 9/14/2017 Only has about 400 miles on it.


2013 800 Cylinder-recoated from Millenium tech but have some scuffs but would cleanup fine.

13 800 HPS pistons and top end gasket set. $200
13 800 Stock injector and rail assembly

make offer

13 800 Throttle bodies with TPS


13 800 Bottom end Core with Crank-Could be repaired according to Indy Specialty

make offer

13 Rmk Belt Drive belt one used with 1400 miles.

Skinz belt bag. Make offer

13 RMK Belt Drive belt brand new was purchased for a spare.


MDS head inserts for 13 rmk 11:1(need to verify)


13 800 RMK Stock Head and cover

make offer

13 RMK Primary Clutch-1400 miles-no weights or spring

make offer

13 RMK Secondary Clutch 1400 miles-no spring or helix

make offer

Curve Skis-White-


Black Side panels for 2013 Pro RMK-Brand new in box-


Arctic cat Bumper that was used on 13 RMK


VEI bumper that has been modified was for 13 RMK 155


13 RMK 800 Flywheel

make offer

13 RMK 800 SLP Torque arm

make offer

13 RMK 800 Engine Mounts-Drilled to align motor better.

make offer

13 RMK 800 Stock WE shocks-Front and Rears

make offer

13 RMK Upper and lower stock a arms

make offer

13 RMK 800 Reed valves

make offer

Happy face Drive shaft clamp-new never used

Skinz nxt lvl handlebar bag. $75

Skinz handguards flex $100

20 RMK dash bag-Brand new-mounted and removed as it didn't fit right with BD vents and low bars.


20 RMK Stock Guage-switched out for PIDD only shows 20 miles or so on it.

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