2013 Polaris 800 Pro RMK 155" LE w/Extras!!!---SOLD!!!


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Oct 19, 2009
Rapid City SD
For sale is the pictured '13 Polaris 800 Pro RMK 155" with Limited Edition colors. This sled comes with many extras and has been meticulously maintained since I have owned it. The following are the specs of the sled:

- 2013 Polaris 800 Pro RMK 155" LE w/ just over 2400 miles & 160 hours
- Oil injection system turned all the way up early in the sleds life by the previous owner (possibility of fouling plugs every once and while but makes motor run longer)
- RK Tek REV 2 "Drop In" Piston/Head Kit, installed by previous owner at 1400 miles (This kit is an aftermarket top end and adds 20hp and you'll feel it on this sled! Comes with stock head and pistons if you would like)
- Boon-Docker Naturally Aspirated Fuel Controller, installed by previous owner at 1400 miles to go with RK Tek REV2 Kit (completely tuned and ready to go, also is nitrous capable)
- SLP High Flow Intake (Basically a cold air intake for the sled and helps the sled breath better in deep pow)
- Camoplast Challenger Extreme Full Cupped 2.5" Lug Track, installed by previous owner at 1400 miles (track is in truly great condition, no missing or even scratched lugs! This track moves the sled around really good in almost all conditions and really excels in deep pow!)
- Avid-Products aftermarket drivers, installed by previous owner at 1400 miles (Not sure on exact model but could find out if interested, believe these geared the sled down for more track spin at lower rpm)
- Aftermarket rear torque swing arm (Allows a couple degrees more articulation of chassis and track which allows for better handling in the backcountry deep pow. Can't remember brand name/specifics at the moment will find out if interested)
- Alternative Impact 36" HD A-Arm Front End Kit (Probably my favorite add on this sled, makes it so flickable! Just stomp and go! The 2 lower arms that are on the sled currently are tweaked and left them on for riding in the black hills but comes with an ENTIRE additional kit that includes an additional new of every a-arm component and I have a few additional components on top of that!)
- HPS Can (Freaking love the sound of a mountain sled with a can!)
- Ice Storm Reversible Scrathers (I don't have to use these often but when I do these things are awesome, make the sled go from 160 to 127 in about 5 seconds flat and it stays there! Durable too!)
- Ski-Doo Oil Cap (Allows oil reservoir breathing at ALL angles unlike the stock Polaris cap so you never have worry about the engine not getting enough oil)
- Burandt Handle Bars (will come with stock handle bars as well)
- Polaris small handle bar bag
- Brand new NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs (Helps prevent fouling of plugs)
- New Polaris clutch drive belt installed (And broken in properly!)
- Skinz Protective Gear Ski Spindle Rubber Bumper Pads installed in skis along with new Polaris OEM Ski Rubbers (Helps keep skis from plunging toe down when in packed or wet snow)
- Extra Polaris OEM white side panels (For when you trash one or both sides of the sled you can make her look like new again- lol! Or if you just want a different look)
- Polaris OEM sled cover that's in great shape
- Polished tunnel for that chrome type of look and better shedding of excess snow
- I am sure I'm forgetting a few little things but that's for sure all the major items

This sled has been my baby since day one of me owning it and I personally know the previous owner took awesome care of it as well! Sled has always idled to a minimum of 120 before riding (even when started to take the picture of odo & hours). Sled has always used Legend Lubricants oil. Sled chassis has always had all grease zerks lubed with full synthetic grease. Blue loctite used on all components that required it during any work that was done. The sled is stored on the pictured lift about 3/4's of the time(not included in sale). *The pictured Polaris tunnel bag and Mountain Addiction gas cans/rail not included in sale.* This sled is a blast to ride and is set up to be the next best alternative (power-wise) to turboing. If you are looking for an entry level sled with some high quality adds that are RELIABLE this is the sled for you! This is a pull and ride sled, all standard maintenance kept up with and done, it needs absolutely nothing! Lastly I will note that I am in absolutely no hurry to get rid of and miles could go up a little if anybody gets a bunch more pow this season. The ONLY reason for me getting rid of this sled is that I am ready to upgrade to the axys chassis! I know that's a ton of info folks so if you have any questions or would like to come take a look at the sled give me a call or shoot me a text @ six0five-seven8six-seven6seven9 and the name's Shane. $6500 OBO

Sled is located in Rapid City, SD. Please go to the following link for more pics----> https://rapidcity.craigslist.org/snw/d/2013-polaris-800-pro-rmk-155/6526395626.html
I also have a walk around, cold start & warmed up run video of this sled available for download, if you are interested simply ask me for the link when you contact me!

Thanks For Looking!!!


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