2012 M8000 153 $3500 **SOLD**

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Dec 5, 2008
SE Idaho
Wife is selling her '12 M8. It has a 3" Power Claw track, electric start, Powder Pro ski's, newer primary clutch (about 400 miles), Extreme Realities wrap, Skinz Ultra-Q can and billet boards. The seat was shaved an inch or so lower to make it easier for her to step over. Sled has 5300 miles and runs like a champ. Sled is in excellent shape, would never guess it's a hi mileage machine. I noticed yesterday the stitching in the very rear of the seat has opened up and will need to be re-sewn. I also have the stock skis and can for it, and possibly some other spare parts.
Her new Alpha is here and we have too many sleds.
$3500 or make a reasonable offer.
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