2011 TURBO M8 snowmobile ARCTIC CAT


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Nov 26, 2007
los angeles
This has been a perfect snowmobile for me. I have a few, so it isnt ridden too often, only when the other guys run their turbos. Seriously pull and go setup. Built by Alpine Motorsports in Kremmling, Co by Eric Volk. Boondocker pump gas setup with auxiliary injectors, but I put 2 gallons of Av Gas in each tank as this is how we tuned it. NEEDS NOTHING. I am in LA, but sled is in Mammoth with me a lot. I can meet in Sonora Pass with it, or Gardnerville.
It has aux injectors and could run much more boost, but i think it will last forever at this mild 8 or so pounds. 153 2.5 camo track. Titanium A-Arms, Skinz light seat setup. Trailtank 13.5 g tank that fits exactly into stock position. Timbersled rear suspension with titanium bolts. only 465 miles on it. (I have another turbo and a 17 mtncat and another 11 and.. so each one has low miles.) let me know on trades. I am an FFL, so maybe a gun or rifle, or something interesting on that end. Not any skidoo , but i would like a turbo canam. or a 911 porsche, or 66-67 chevelle or 68 camaro or AMX or Javelin, obviously me adding money to the deal. it is on ksl also. $4975


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