2010/2011 Riding conditions, snow reports and trail conditions


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Nov 26, 2007
Calgary Alberta
I believe that all trails around The Soo are still closed. :face-icon-small-blu

If you want any areas or trails put up as a sticky please pm me and I will for you.
If you don't mind start them off 2010/2011 and name the area so we can unstick it at the end of the season.
I am hoping we can start riding area condition reports real soon,doing the snow dance...YEE Hoo!!!!
Sep 25, 2002
Sudbury, On
Hope so too! Anything will be better than the effin disaster of a year we had in the East last year....

I fired up the D8 today... she'll be going in for injectors after thanksgiving. Then with any luck, it'll stay running for a whole winter! Here's hoping... Maybe it's a good thing that it doesn't snow much here,
I don't feel so bad when it's broken all the time.
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