2009 turbo nytro


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Nov 26, 2007
Garwin, Iowa
Thinking about selling my 2009 Turbo nytro (powderlites, with different fuel controller now as the rb3 was too finicky for me so now has oft's powercommander system, turn key and ride any altitude). So just putting this out there to see if there is any interest. 3931 on miles, Skinz front end, timbersled skid, zbros shocks all the way around, 162" X 2.5, ratsled running board inserts, yamaha mountain skis, Turboed since zero miles, always has had good fuel in it and has been kept well maintained. Aftermarket seat with storage. Forgetting several upgrades i am sure, but will make sure anyone truely interested has the full info.

rarely has sat outside and always trailered in a enclosed trailer

sled started as a xtx and I have all the stuff to shorten it back up to 144 if that was to interest anyone.

located in central iowa


can text pix, leave me your number here or at gmail

weltonkb at gmail.com


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