2009 nytro mcx mtx 240 error code issue


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Oct 15, 2010
Birch Run, Michigan
Forgive me in advance if this may be in the wrong thread, as it isn't specific to the mcx kit.. but I could use some ideas and maybe someone has run into this.

Long story short my 09 mtx got warm on me with the an overheat code. In running diagnostics yesterday when testing the fan relay the fan would not engage with the relay clicking.

Relay tested good as did the fan. so I went straight to a continuity check on the blue wire from the relay to the connector at the fan.

And then I f'd up... Did the check without a multimeter,. Unhooked both ends of the wire and threw 12 volts at it from the battery and hit it with a test light. Continuity checked out.

And of course (spoiler alert) i now acknowledge had there been a short in the wire I would have likely ended up here anyway by means of my test..

So lucky as I am, while pondering those three results scratching my head, one end of the lead decided to let loose and of course on it's way to the floor shorted to the grounding system with a faint but visible spark.

I unhooked the battery and began checking fuses, and found a 3 amp fuse blown in the DC socket.

Upon powering up I now throw codes 13, 15, 25 and 84.

I have cleared code 61 in diag. Code 62 went from 5 to 4 when I activated the grip warmer, but will not clear to zero as I'm still throwing four codes. None of the four codes are accessible by diag. Select and reset buttons just jump the codes altogether.

So might anyone be able to point me to something common between code 13 (intake air pressure sensor 1) code 15 (throttle position) 25 (intake pressure sensor 2) and code 84 (tors).

I find it hard to believe I smoked all the sensors, and the only thing common in the fault code tables are ecu malfunction (for which i'm getting no fatal ecu error codes in diag) or the ever elusive "Open or short in wire harness".

I do see there was a bulletin and update to the grounding system on these sleds, so maybe I'm missing a piddly ass ground or fuse somewhere?

Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to assist. And if this needs to be in a different thread feel free to suggest and I'll move it.
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