2009 KLX450+ w/ Camso... keep building or

Hello all, i've been away from the forum for a while but snowbikes have renewed my interest in snow moto toys!

Last year I built my 2008 KLX450 into a snowbike with a Camso kit. It worked well stock, better with head work/cams and even better with a big bore kit. It's a bit of a unicorn (the bike) but i've really enjoyed it over the years, only down side is the wide gear box (and no 6th) and it has a carb, which has never been an issue in the snow. I'm seriously considering adding NITROUS for quicker spooling and probably all the wrong reasons.

Like with sled i always seem to throw money at trying to make what i have 'more' better, but have learned even with a turbo, an RX1 is still a heavy turd, but is it the same with snowbikes?


Do I keep building and ride it one more year or sell it and buy a new riot 3 for my 2022 TE300?
Is a new track system and lighter bike that much better, will the 2 stroke pull it?

I think i know the answer but seem to be attached to the KLX and would like to run studded tires on the 300.
Dec 19, 2007
A 300 with a riot would be a riot. Save your nitrous money and put it in the 300. at least do a high comp head. The 3"track will suck a lot of power but should still be way better and more fun than what you have now. The northern wy snow you get will be one place you might benefit from the 3".


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Aug 12, 2012
Heber Ut
I would move on and not throw money at it new bikes produce a lot of power.

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