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2009 Assault Weight Savings

Nov 12, 2021
First time poster/user. Im looking for weight savings in my 2009 assault. Im thinking about buying a full SLP exaust (claimed 10lbs of weight savings) but am looking for any other weight saving measures/better bang for the buck. Any and all suggestions appreciated. I am also considering some Skinz running boards but they are currently not taking orders and I cant find any in stock.

To head off some typical forum comments: I am 6'4", 210 lbs and just ran a half marathon, a treadmill isn't going to do anything. I also tried searching for a similar thread and couldnt find anything, if there is one out there a link would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Feb 1, 2010
Can. Pipe. Hood. Headlight. Boards. Seat. Narrow Ti A-arms. Track. Carbon skid. Smaller fuel cell. For an IQ assault chassis, assuming no e-start. Kinda in that order. Bang for the buck goes down exponentially. Used can, pipe, and a few seats, arms are out there, assuming you are looking to minimize $. For handling and ease of riding, flipping to a Pro chassis would be cheapest, Pro is way easier to ride than an IQ on the hill, and you're out of the CFI-4 and VR, runnability issues. 800HO Axys is up next. For going up, the non-HO CFI-2 isn't going to give you anything over the CFI-4, but the assault skid and track isn't going to be a climber. Good luck!
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