2008 Polaris IQR Mtn. Dmax 800

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Apr 10, 2008
Kenai, AK
Hello I am selling a 2008 Polaris IQ Race sled that I have converted to one of the best Mountain/Boon-docking sleds around. It has many modifications to make it have 180+HP and weigh under 420lbs dry. It does require Av-gas or 100 octane fuel. What is nice about this build is that it looks factory. No Cutting or modifying of the bulkhead what so ever to fit the motor. Since the motor uses the stock 600 bottom end it doesn't require any mounting issues or clutching alignment. It even still uses the factory airbox and headlight. With the Holtzman ATACC it isn't finicky at all with temp or altitude change. Runs great in the mountains. I have well over $18,000 dollars into this project with receipts on most items purchased. The reason I am selling is to start another project. I am the original owner since new, never raced or wrecked.
List of mods and price:

2008 Polaris IQR New in Crate:$7500.00

Slydog Powder hound Skis:$350.00

Rox Adjustable riser:$150.00

Fly Aerotaper Handlebar:$70.00

Custom Painted Hood:$300.00

Race Pak Avenger II EGTs: $350.00

8.8Gal Clear Gas Tank:$275.00


800 monoblock conversion:$1500.00

Dmax Custom Twin Pipes:$1200.00

Dmax Custom Port/Polish Cylinder

Shaved Head, Machined Crankcase,etc:$1200.00

Holtzman ATACC:$250.00

Oil Injection: $400.00

Custom U-Cooler:$200.00

Custom Clutching/Gearing:$300.00

Custom Valved WE Racing Front Shocks:$200.00

Complete EZ Ryde 144" Rear Suspension:$2600.00

Camoplast Challenger Track 144"X2":$675.00

Van Amburg Tunnel Extension w/Gas Rack:$450.00

Feethooker Running Boards:$150.00

And more.....

Amount Invested:$18,320

Asking Price $10,000obo. Hit me up with any questions or want more pics.. I have taken may pics during its progression. It has very low hours on it. Only rode a hand full of times this season and on the new suspension. Thanks Tom
Email: polarisrider_1@hotmail.com


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