2007 Phazer Mountain Lite Shocks

Dec 3, 2003
Cashmere, WA
Hey all, updating my wife's 07 Phazer Mountain Lite skid by installing some Fox Zero Pro shocks, but also looking to do the update kit for the front pivot arm. I've got the part number, but for the life of me, can't find one. I know they are not available by most dealers, but someone here must have a lead somewhere? I went to a somewhat local dealer and they didn't have one, but had me call Winnipeg Sports and Leasure as they were showing they had one in stock, but when I called there, the guy in parts was to look further for it and call back... so far, no call back. Anyone know where else I can possibly get the kit from, or know what parts come with the kit and that way, I can maybe piece it together? Hate to get the new shocks on there and have that pivot break which seems to be very common. I can also go the Schmidt Bros way and by that kit they have? Thoughts? Thanks.
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