2007 m8 vs upgrading to 2013 / 2014

Nov 16, 2018
I currently ride a 2007 m8 with an 11 rear skid and multiple upgrades

I am looking to move into a newer sled and the 13’s and 14’s are in “my budget”

I have noticed the 13’s are closer to what I can realistically spend and I’m curious if there is a huge difference?(from my understanding - avoid the 12’s)

Obviously there is improvements from 13 to 14 but are they $1000 significant?

I assume no matter what there will be a massive change / improvement from my 07¿

Thanks in advance ?
Feb 7, 2009
Wabush, Labrador
A riding buddy of mine owns a 2013. He has nothing but good to say about it. It loves gas and oil, but who cares.. The engine is reliable so thats all that matters.

Every make/model goes through little improvements through out its life, just buy the newest you can afford and go enjoy it. nothing from 2013 on was very difficult to ride.

Personally I'd get a cheaper 2013 and buy the new front end for it.

Best of luck.


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Nov 29, 2007
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depending what models your looking at there are little difference between the 13 and 14. 14's are about 18# lighter due to a different seat and smaller coolers. the rear suspension mounting points were changed but you can make that change to a 13 free of charge.


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Feb 16, 2008
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For me the 13 is as bad as the 12,even if it's a limited.
14 has short cooler, better rear suspension, clutches, gas tank/fuel pump setup.
12/13 would suck air at half tank down hill. U could hear the pump... no bueno...

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