2007 800r bogging bad

Oct 22, 2020
I have been having bogging issues forever. It is fine at low altitudes but when I start climbing I have to squeeze the throttle much harder to hit power band. I noticed today one of my rave actuator lines is torn and I will be fixing tomorrow could that cause this? Also today I went sledding and I would pin it and it would just fall flat on its face and die if I didn't give it gas (it has new plugs and wires) it would not idle unless I choked it. Has new clutch new belt took the carb apart last year and cleaned it. Could this be reeds I checked them one side has a minor chip and is out a tiny bit more then the others. I noticed some water is getting into the airbox I assume this can cause bog? Will be adding video of the falling on its face thing. I run 91 Oct. No idea what rpm it happens at bc my reset button got stuck in and broke.
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