2006 RMK 900 159”


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Apr 7, 2016
Decided to upgrade to a Pro for next season so selling the 900, it’s been a fun ride and a lot of learning! Hate to see it go but don’t need it sitting around. I bought it wrecked a few years ago and put it back together, it had many of the normal “fixes” done and I went through and took care of others based on info here. Has 3021 miles with around 500 miles on new top end, cylinders replated and new pistons/rings right before I got it. Has SLP pipe and Fire-N-Ice intake, SLP MTX weights, New ECU 2 yrs ago with SLP re-flash and injectors gone through at that time as well by WitchHunter. Sent primary to Indy Dan to balance and secondary was done by them as well and has their custom Helix for the 900 in it (bought it that way, I did not have the work done). Has Pro spindles on it. Front fender plastic has all been repaired/welded so isn’t the prettiest, hood was new and painted when I got it. Have many extra parts to go with it including another tunnel/bulkhead. Gas tank, side panels, some steering parts, lower a-arms, misc other small parts. Also have a spare engine with Indy Dan TM1 bottom end I had picked up for extra cost if wanted. Should be ready to go for next season. $2000 obo located in western Iowa. Can get more specific pictures or info if needed.


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