2005 Vector RS ER Makeover


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Oct 21, 2017

This Vector was my first one up trail sled I purchased in during the winter of 2004/2005 ... I love this sled... thing moves and belts last forever... We moved to AZ 10 years ago, and their were no groomed trails, but lots of riding to be had and some places here avg 200+ inches a year . I have created a number of youtube videos of riding in AZ. Frankly it is awesome riding in AZ comfortable temps in between stores and no crowds at all. Issue with Vector was the short track... So after my stepson Justin, took a nasty wipeout on this sled last year I decided to make a number of changes..

First I did a Tracks US Tunnel extension Kit from 121 to 136 , Cobra Package 136x15x1.352, New Seat Cover, Windshield, Headlight, Hood, and Slydogs Powderhounds 7 Inch skis... I also used Back to Black on side panels to bring them back to life..... Sled is like brand new ... Thinking maybe some shocks next... :)




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