2005 king cat

Nov 27, 2018
Yes I meant 162" thanks I already edited I have an 05 king cat with the titanium 162" had the 2.25" attack 20 and I picked up a 162" 2.6 powerclaw 3.0 and wasn't positive on the clearance


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Feb 8, 2017
Fairchild, Wisconsin
I know there has to a ton of guys who have put 2.5, 2.6, even 3" tracks on the "Kings". Need to hear from you guys. I'm thinking the same myself, maybe even going all the way to 3" power claw.
Here's what I've seen with my 06 King. I have seen some rubber streaks on my tunnel in the rear, from bottoming out I assume, and that's the original 2.25 attack 20. So I'm thinking we need to lower skid by way of drop brackets. I do have a set of "sled junkeys" drop brackets to use.
In the front there's enough room for even the 3" track but is very close. I think 1/4" clearance, but does clear. Might be better dropping to 7t drivers. This would also drop the gearing, which is probably needed anyhow, because that 3" is really gonna bite compared to attack 20 and take a little more power. Heck, the 2.6 is gonna pull like crazy compared to attack 20 from what I've read in other posts. I almost think you would need to gear up a tooth or so with 7t drivers. My calculations says its equivalent to dropping nearly 3 teeth on top gear. My math could be off though. Haven't double checked it yet. Gearing back up one tooth to 20t would be plus. Lots of bad experience with 19t in past posts.
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