2004 KTM 525 prepped for snowbiking - Bozeman, MT


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Feb 2, 2010
Bozeman, MT
For Sale: 2004 KTM 525 EXC (Shown Timbersled kit not included)
Electric start and kick start (nice to have kick start backup, but never needed it)
Valve adjustments done annually and oil changes every other ride.

I've slowly built up this bike as a snowbike over a three year period. Many items are new this year with only 1 to 3 rides on them. The kit pictured has been sold so the bike and accessories listed are what is available. This bike has been well cared for and I'm a pretty laid back snowbike rider; preferring putting around in the trees to winding out the bike, jumping, etc. My main riding partner is my wife on her sled.

Asking price includes the following (am noting the original price of each item).

Heavy fork springs, revalved, other new internal components, and entire fork rebuild performed by Rooster's Nest MX Pro Shop: $700
IMS 3 gallon gas tank (natural color): $250
Unibiker brand orange anodized radiator guards: $115
SXS Engine shroud: $168
Aluminum skid plate (not attached): $150
Acerbis Handguards: $100
Trailtech Striker computer with water temp, ambient temp, voltage, etc. $130
Trailtech computer guard: $60
3 x Outerwear snowbike prefilters: $37
JD Jetting kit (includes various jets and needles) $85
JD Fuel screw $25
Heated grips: $95
RAM ball mount (for GPS, radios, etc) $15
Pipe wrap/silicon spray (enough wrap to do pipe several more times): $85
Upsized battery (great for cold-weather starts and new last year): $100
Stock footpegs (not shown)
Stock seat (not shown)
Stock KTM swingarm, shock, wheels, brakes, kicks stand, etc. All parts to convert back to bike minus a few plastic body parts.

Total price of these extras is $2,115.
Figuring KTM 525 value of $2,900
Totals $5,015
Sell all of this for $3,750 cash. Title is signed and ready for new buyer. Wheels are back on but it's still setup for snow (open airbox, JD jet kit set for winter, etc.). Valves were just adjusted (which are checked annually) and it's ready to hit the snow once you add a snowbike kit.

Willing to take off the reworked forks and replace them with stock EXC forks, or take off some other accessories to reduce cost.

Optional add-ons at extra cost. (I list new value and asking price for each item). I will sell any of these items paired with the bike or separately and they are boxed and ready to go.

Seat Concepts Comfort seat and seat pan for 2004 - 2007 KTM SX/SXF/EXC/XCW. This is the Version 2 with Seat Conepts wide seat pan, high density foam, gripper top/carbon fiber sides, and optional orange stitching.
$275 and a month wait time to get.
Asking $265 as it's brand new.

Raptor X2 double ski front end.
$1,250. Asking $895.

Snowbike cover by Yakima Tent (who later made the cover for Timbersled). Minor wear through where I got the cover resting on the peg rather than below it and it wore through the hem. Does not effect performance and could be hemmed by someone with a sewing machine.
$300. Asking $195.

Thanks for looking.


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Off the trail again...just can't wait to get off t
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Feb 2, 2010
Bozeman, MT
Swapped back to stock orange tanks and stock forks. New price of $3,250.
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