2004 King Kat 162 With Cutler 1150 Big Bore


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Jan 19, 2008
Ogden, Utah
Motor runs awesome, has blueprinted cases, high compression dome inserts, v-force reeds, 4 degree advanced timing key, twin pipes and bored out carbs. Pipes have EGT probes, and it has a water temp probe, with an Avenger III gauge. Boss seat, titanium springs, 2.25 power claw track, new primary clutch with an aftermarket heavy duty spider. Aftermarket skis (not sure on brand), custom intake and “M” type exhaust outlet near shock tower. Snowmobile cover included.

The high compression domes and timing key require a mix of race gas and premium. Stock oil injection is still in place but because of the BB, 100:1 extra oil needs to be added to the tank.
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