2004 king cat 900 jet and tune

Nov 20, 2017
Trenton, ND
I purchased an 04 king cat 900 last winter and long story short ended up scorching a cylinder due to it being jetted for 6000 to 900 feet and me not knowing any better at the time was running down here at 1800 feet. So now for my question. I am going to Cooke city Dec 23rd and am wondering if any other king cat owners or similar sleds could tell me the best tune for that area as in main jets and jet needle e-clip position. I have purchased 320's, 330's and 340's. I also have completely rebuilt the top end. Thanks
Mar 6, 2014

I ride 8 to 10K and had 315's in mine with the air box on... D&D Pipe, Can and VForce 3's. Sucked too much fluffy pow through the intakes so I went with Pods and up them to 400's. Never bog again. Good luck!


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Nov 27, 2007
Missoula, Montana
that dad gum jetting

keep in mind most of the 800/900 cat twin burn downs are the result of lean mid-range jetting, not many issues with the main jet if you are close. Even with stock jetting at Island park but stock lean mid range needle position, new 900's would scorch a piston once newcomers jumped out onto nice flat groomed trails and started loafing along at 35 mph with no throttle.......ooooh, new piston, bigger jets, they would go a little further before they seized again.
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