2004 900 1M Throttle power loss

Dec 1, 2007
I am looking for some help to solve a problem that has me and my dealer stumped.
I have a 2004 900 1M that very rarily dissapoints me; but a couple of times has done the same thing. What happens is it for no apparent reason looses throttle control between idle and full throttle. It will go into this mode where it will only idle or go wide open no in between. If you operate the throttle like normal off idle it will quit like it was turned off. To get it to go wide open you have to "blurp" the throttle several times and get lucky and it will all of a sudden take off. It acts like the throttle over-ride is on; but it is unhooked. I have tried playing with the kill switch, looked for bare wires, checked all wiring connections and plugs, took it to my dealer and they couldn't find nothing wrong or heard of this condition before. I had to get towed out of the back country one time this happened because it was a death wish to try ride it out.
If anyone out there has any idea what is going on please help me out.
Nov 26, 2007
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Go after your tps (throttle position sensor)if you can just unplug it and see how it does. This will put it into limp mode, base timing, valves may or may not work. And it says you disconnected your throttle switch. Which one?


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Oct 20, 2005
Springville, UT
Does your tach still work? Mine did somethning that sounds very much the same. IT would idle just fine but if i touched the throttle it would die like you hit the kill switch. At the same time my tach quite working. When I shut the sled off and restarted it, it would run just fine for about 5 minutes then start to do it again. Anyway after checking everything 3 times we finally decided it had to be the stator. Had the stator rewound, still didnt work changed the voltage regulator (again) and it was fixed. It had fried the stator and the voltage regulator. The stator tested within specs before it was rewound, so it was a pain to try to figure out.
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