2002 Tison SKT

Jul 15, 2020
Got a 2002 Tison SKT on a trade. I rode it once and it scared me. It is more than I want to play with. Talked with the guy in Buckley, WA at FTX Motorsports that bought the sled business from Rich Tison to try and find out more about it. It is a Polaris RMK base but my mechanic says that the only thing original on it is the seat, the hood, and part of the handlebars. He said that the Tison Titanium front skis and struts alone are worth $4k. It is chipped and only reads 800 miles. If anybody wants to talk to me about this unicorn, give me a shout at buksmyhro@msn.com . I have pictures, just not on this computer. Thanks. Dennis
Oct 9, 2009
Sounds like you have a nice mod sled from years past. That sled is heading towards 19 years old, so be realistic about price. A year and a half from now, that will be considered a classic by DMV standards. The skis and struts simply are not worth that kind of money. You would be very lucky to get anywhere above 2500 for a sled that old regardless of condition. Most sleds of that vintage sell for 1500 or below. I have seen many turbo doc magic carpets (full tunnel, lightweight hood/no hood, aerocharged, titanium and polished aluminum on everything) go for 2000 to 2500. If you can get more than that range, all the power to you. Good luck with the sale.
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