2001 Pro X 440, tuning parts and spares (MN)

Oct 14, 2011
Purchased in 2004 and I've put roughly 1400 miles on the chassis. Not sure on total miles as it did not have speedometer prior to my ownership. Had a 700 in it for 4 years, then went back to the stock motor. 440 has about 600 or 700 miles on a rebuild, I pulled the head this summer and cylinders and pistons look good. Main wire harness is still from the 700 so the sled has provisions for PERC and the button is still on the handle bars. This can be used as a dragon holeshot button as well with one of the included CDI's. Main harness also has a Polaris voltage rectifier and the 12v wiring for accessories at the console or in the dash. Factory oil injection, so no mixing hassle.

Secondary is a Polaris 3 roller clutch with an SLP 52-36 helix and a blue orange spring. Primary has S53H weights and a brand new almond/red spring. Gearing is currently 20T/41T with a 72P chain. Carbs have 340 mains with the factory needles at 2.5, screws are about 1.75 turns out. Sled has C&A skis, could be available with brand new Gripper skis instead if interested. Only issues are the hood is a lift off with no provision for hinges. As such, the hood has some scrapes and gouges and one crack back by the console on the mag side right where the rear latch hooks. Track is still in pretty good shape, couple years left in it. One missing outside lug and a few torn outside lugs. Had studs at one point, removed 3 years ago one pull through when I took them off.
I had planned to just swap out the red belly pan for a black one that I purchased new a few years ago however I ended up tearing it down to the bare chassis and cleaning and rebuilding it. Listed below are the parts that were replaced or sandblasted to bare metal and painted this fall. Everything was replaced with new fasteners and factory Polaris hardened steel rivets (Have a few hundred of the rivets if anyone is interested in purchasing some, both the large head types and the smaller chassis rivets).
- Bulkhead radius rod support
- Exhaust can bracket
- Belly Pan (New OEM)
- Shock tower covers (New OEM)
- Snow Flap (New Fusion Gray)
- Hand warmers (NEW OEM)
- Brake light switch
- Choke cables
- Voltage Regulator/Rectifier
- Coolant Bottle

Sandblasted and Painted
- Trailing arms
- Radius rods and tie rods
- Front and rear torque arms
- Rear shock mount and rods

Wear Items replaced
- All shocks rebuilt
- 10 new wheel bearings in rear suspension
- All new bearings on both crankshaft and driveshaft (4)
- All new fuel lines including in-tank line and new tank grommet
- All new fluids, flushed brake line, new filters
- Hyfax done last winter, maybe 150 miles on them
- Steering post and steering rack bushings
- Outer tie rod ends
- All new Zerk fittings in front and rear suspensions

In addition, I have a collection of spares and tuning parts that will go with. Not interested in selling these parts separately unless someone wants to take them all.
- (1) Spare cylinder
- (2) Front shocks with springs (one for parts only, has a cracked lower mount, other could use a rebuild)
- (2) sets of factory front shock valve stacks
- (1) set of OEM front springs (primary springs, spacers and helper springs)
- (1) 2003 440 CDI and Harness, dragon button and timing switch
- (1) 2002 440 CDI
- (2) VES solenoid sets
- (4) VES valves and housings
- (3) sets of VES springs (stock, white/purple and white/pink I believe)
- Jets: Mains, spare set of pilots, set of needles and thunder products spacer kit. ( Mains include a set of each size from 280 to 500 although I might be missing a couple in there and will also include some odd sizes)
- (2) TMX 34 carbs
- (2) Helixes, R12 and R8 Polaris roller
- Secondary Springs, Polaris silver, Polaris green/black
- 10-54 Weights
- EPI orange hd primary
- (2) EGT probes
- (2) single wire voltage regulators
- 04 440 XR main wire harness
- 04 440 XR exhaust pipe and can
- Gears and chains: 19T, 21T, 22T upper, 40T, 43T lower and 76P, 68p chains
- Spare Airbox
- Misc suspension wheels, and (2) rail mounts
- Hood hinge and guide wire set.
-Low Chrome windshield

Looking for $2700 for the works, located in Isanti MN but willing to bring it down to the Roseville area or somewhere between the two. Purchase for asking price and I'll throw in my Delorme PN-20 GPS with all the minnesota and most wisconsin trail maps preloaded.

Have more pictures for those interested.

Would be interested in a trade for a fusion or iq racer. Have some sporting goods to trade along with the sled and some cash for the right sled.


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