(2) Vintage John Deere Snowmobiles


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Nov 29, 2007
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
I am listing these for a friend. What he has for sale is: (close but I am not totally positive) The serial numbers confirm the dates and engines size and make.

A 1976 John Deere J300E. 295 Kohler. SN-12849

A 1973 JDX8B. CCW 440 SN-56342

Both of these sleds are in fair condition. The engines are in questionable condition and may need rebuild. It appears that the majority of the parts are there. They have been stored in a concrete floor garage and have not been left outside for the rodents and elements to deteriorate. The sleds are located in Pierre, South Dakota in central South Dakota. They could easily be relocated to eastern or western South Dakota to assist with delivery. The owner would like to get $500 for the pair but he is open to offers. He would probably separate if you only wanted one or the other.
If you are interested you could contact him directly at 1-605-222-5867. His first name is Jans. I believe he has some pics that he could text to you and he has more information on condition.. If you wanted to send me your phone # through SnoWest I could forward it to him and have him call you. If you email me through SnoWest I can send you 4 pretty good pics. I tried to upload them to the add but they are too big and will not upload.

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