1999 Mountain Max 700 mods

Hey guys I have a few questions for you. I'm looking at sticking a little bit of money in my mountain max. I just want to say yes I know its old and out-dated but my grandpa bought it for me many years ago and its been an awesome sled. Its mainly a ditch banger but I have taken it to spearfish canyon and would like to go more often. Anyway, there is a few things I'm wanting to get some feedback on.

I want to extend the track. I've looked into doing a skid swap but just don't have the time. So I thought about doing a heartman 156" or a 159" mpi. I don't know which one would be better.

I'm also wanting to add reed spacers and boyesen reeds.

Now for another question. Haha. I've come across a good deal on an oem srx 700 triple pipes and was wondering if it would give my mountain max any horse power gain? Right now I just have an mbrp race can.

I have read tons of threads but haven't read exactly what I'm wanting to know. So any advise would be great! Thanks in advance!

Ps. If my sled sits for awhile and its worse when its cold it seriously takes two people to pull start it. I haven't put a compression test to it but its almost impossible to start cold yourself. Once its warmed up its easy to start and it runs perfect. It has 4,000 miles and the only mods I've done to it the sled is put an auto altitude adjuster and studded the track.

Pps. When I start to take off, the sled feels like its lurching? You can't feel it if your going fast or crack the throttle. Its only when you you just start taking off. I haven't inspected the belt yet but its not that old it was replaced a couple years ago. The sled sits almost all year round except for when we get a freak storm or if I'm starting it to let run to keep things lubed. I didn't even get it out last season. I'm rambling... If you guys have any knowledge to add please do. Thanks again.
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