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1996 xlt 600 runs for a few min then dies.

So I've done a bit of searching thru a few different forums and haven't found a solution to my issue. I'd like to see if anyone has any ideas on best order of resolution instead of just randomly throwing parts at the problem.

I've got a few other sleds I have up and running all with their own qwerks I'm trying to solve but this one has me stumped.

In the garage I've been working on the XLT 600, it will start cold in the garage first pull. throttle response seems good, no blue smoke. Idles at 16-1800 RPM. I've recently, completely disassembled and carefully cleaned ( soaked in a carb de-varnish solution - 2 hours), blown air through the carbs. Idle gap and sync was set using the wonderful service manuals from vintage sleds and some drill bits. Pilot jets are the stock 35s and main jets are the 180's which I believe is appropriate for my situation, 6000 ft elevation in Tetonia ID and never riding when its under double digits . Air idle screw set at the standard one turn out from seated and when running seems to be correct. and readjusted the oil delivery cable line pulley to specs at idle with the marks lining up.

Yet after warming up and then 2-3 passes up and down my 300 ft driveway (bout 20 F today) the motor starts to bog, then everything dies. quickly flipping the choke does no good and i believe even makes it die quicker so I don't believe its a lean bog. 3-4 good pulls and it will start again., sometimes.... but then has that same bog . I did not install new needle valve when i rebuilt so I surmised maybe I was getting a flooded situation going on ( i was also told these engines were known for flooding by the last guy who did a tune up on this sled) I turned the flow of gas off at the cut off started the motor and let it run for about 15 seconds of bogginess and then it would rev somewhat normally I guess. Kind of more worried about just getting back into the garage without having to push it in by hand.

So I think it might be float needle valves but I'm not seeing excess smoke which I believed would show a rich condition with all the extra fuel spewing out of the bowls. Or some type of fuel pump issue and there is just nothing in the bowls at all. I'm stumped and doubting myself on ever being able to truly understand carbs. Any help, ideas or thoughts welcome thanks.


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Jul 3, 2001
If you turn the fuel supply off and it appears to be better that seems to indicate that it may indeed be leaky needle and seat. The likely thing is that it is only one carb though so while turning off the fuel will let that one clear up the other 2 will starve for fuel. You need to determine which cylinder is flooding out. When it bogs shut it down and pull the plugs. If one is wet that's the problem carb.


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Dec 13, 2007
i would replace all three needle/seats myself, if one is bad the others may go bad soon. if you do some digging you can find the exact replacements cheaper on ebay vs. through polaris.


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Jul 22, 2008
check to make sure your pump is working properly and not pushing fuel into the pulse line . make sure you adjust the Idle mix the screw at rear of carb body its a air bleed so out is lean .what do your plugs look like ?
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