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1996 Polaris Indy Lite

Oct 29, 2018
I need a machine for a once a year Elk hunt in eastern Wyoming. My hunting buddy has done the hunt twice on borrowed sleds and said they have gotten stuck multiple times. Some have recommended staying away from the longer track, high horsepower mountains sleds as they tend to be heavy and can also have cooling issues with long periods of slow riding as we will often do. Others recommend a lighter fan cooled machine or a Utility/Work machine. I live in Sacramento and can not find any Utility machines anywhere around here, most are mountain or trail machines as our snow typically has a lot of moisture in it.

There is a 96 Indy Lite 340cc with low miles a few hours from me and what little I can find out about it is that despite a small track does decent in powder and is easy to get unstuck.

I appreciate opinions from those that know this sled!


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Nov 2, 2017
Roberts, MT
Well, you might just want to bite the bullet and find a utility sled, like the WideTrack. I've never rode an Indy Lite; I hear they're a fun little sled, and they're very popular as a starter sled for kids. That said, it definitely doesn't fit the bill if you're trying to haul anything or dealing with deep snow. You are correct that a mountain sled wouldn't be ideal for this either, although at least getting stuck wouldn't be a problem. The thing about something like a WideTrack is that they have a longer, wider track than most sleds (156x20 on newer ones, as compared to 121x15), plus low range (great for pulling a carcass) and reverse.

If you're intent on buying one, you may have to travel a little farther (try putting out a "wanted" add too though). Otherwise, depending on how much you'll end up using it, I'd seriously consider renting if you can work that out. If it's just for an annual trip, I don't think you'll ever break even buying one, and you have to worry about all the maintenance and storage, plus hauling it to WY and back.
Oct 29, 2018
Hunting sled

Renting came to mind first but I've found rentals are $250 a day x 10-14 days. This will be an annual hunt so renting makes no sense. Storage is not a problem, I have 2 acres. Maintenance I can handle as I have plenty of expertise working on and rebuilding motors. We already bought a Triton tilt aluminum trailer that weighs practically nothing. It came with new load range E tires so we will be changing bearings and traveling 80mph.

I agree with you on the Utility machine but despite lots of searching I have found none in the west. I know there has to be a few around. I did email 9 or 10 nearby ski resorts asking to notify me if they plan on selling any at the end of the season. This is for Jan 2020 as we have to put in for the hunt a year in advance.
Oct 29, 2018
Hunting sled

I know this is post is under the Polaris section so forgive me but what about a 1998 700cc Yamaha VMax XTC? It has a 136x16" track. One major drawback is the weight but it has reverse which I imagine would help when it gets stuck.
Jun 23, 2004
Black Diamond, WA
If reverse helps when you get stuck, you're not stuck.
Pretty obvious you haven't really ridden before. Do you know where you'll be riding, as in how much snow and what kind of terrain?
You mention riding slow a lot and obviously the elk aren't laying in chest deep powder waiting for you, lol, but do you have to hit some real snow to get where you're going?
If you do, those 2 sleds you posted are about the worst choices. If you aren't hitting deep snow, get the Indy, but realize you'll be riding a clown car unless you're like 5'-4 and a buck40 soaking wet.

If you're looking for a no frills sled with fan cooled reliability in low snow, decent track in powder yet cheap, easy to get unstuck and big enough to haul you around, think 550 fan cooled sleds.
I got one for sale that would fit the bill better than either of the ones you asked about, if you don't find one.
Oct 29, 2018
sled for hunting


You're correct, all the riding I've done had been on Sierra "cement". I'm not 100% sure of the conditions we'll encounter as every winter is different but my friend said snow is dry, can get deep and they have been stuck too often. What do you have for sale?

volcano buster

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Nov 26, 2007
Stayton Oregon
I used to cruise timber in NE Washington, Northern Idaho and Western Montana in the winter. We had two sleds to use. A 440 AC Prowler which had the zing on packed trails but sucked everywhere else. The other was a 440 Bearcat utility. It had the gearing but was way too heavy to get unstuck. We kept running across a guy out of Missoula that had a Skidoo tundra. That thing was awesome. It was underpowered compared to what we had but it was so easy to maneuver and get unstuck or over logs that the guy could handle it by himself. We were simply amazed that it was more like a pair of motorized snow shoes than anything we had seen.

I have a '94 Indy Lite that I extended with a 136" track that works very well that is actually for sale, but I would look for an older Tundra if I were in your shoes. They even had the electronic reverse.
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