1994 panther 440 wont start with drive belt on

Jan 9, 2016
Ok so here is what its doing, it wants to start but wont i took off drive belt and it started right up and ran perfect. I did put a new belt on it and its in correct direction even tried it the other way but wont start with it on. Ive cleaned carb rebuilt fuel pump new gas lines cleaned gas tank, has new gas. Spark is good. So since it starts on one pull and idles and revs perfect with belt off im thinking it’s something to do with new belt or clutch. Im going to try with old belt and see what happens. But any help would be great. Ps it worked fine before, but sat and needed to clean carbs and figured a new belt would be needed(dryrot) .
Apr 21, 2010
It sounds like your explaining a to tight belt and its bogging down the little single carb ? motor. With that belt your describing, it should right now look like its riding high in the secondary clutch. 2 things you could do. One keep the proper belt sheave thickness as recommended but go a little longer on the belt, but you bought one I guess already. 2 is to open up secondary and install a shim to widen the distance in between secondary sheaves to drop belt down in sheave, giving you more distance between clutches. Old school. When you learn this you'll be able to keep your belts operating more efficiently. keep up the good work
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