1989 Yamaha SnoScoot questions.


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Nov 26, 2007
West fargo, ND
I picked up a nice sno scoot and have some questions. It hasn't been rode the last few years.
The sled has a new carburetor, spark plug and fresh gas.
1. Where is the belt located? I assume where the kick start is? Is there oil anywhere that needs to be changed?
2. When I start the sled up it wants to rev up when I'm not on the throttle. If I put it on the track stand it revs up to full throttle. I assume a clutch issue? Idle screw on carb?
3. When originally started the sled it was dumping gas out of the carb (i think). After I got the hood off I couldn't replicate it. Hopefully I don' t have an issue here.
4. The exhaust was leaking oil like crazy (super black). I'm hoping after I get it warmed up and run it will burn out and I won't continue to have a mess. I assume just old oil from not running.

Any other maintenance items to look for?
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