1967 Thiokol Spryte

May 16, 2013
For Sale 1967 Thiokol Spryte 1201 in good condition. This machine was used to groom snowmobile trails in SE Wisconsin. Everything on this machine works. The machine has a hydrualic blade on the front and 2 sets of hydraulic connections with a pintle hitch on the back. This machine starts up in the coldest of weather and the heater works great. The transmission is a 4 speed with a unique feature of a 2 speed automatic. This makes it easier to shift when grooming or climbing hills. This machine has a ground pressure of .66lbs./sq. in. and floats over snow or soft ground. Our club used this machine to flatten swamp grasses for a faster freeze up in the winter. The machine come with a complete manual and parts manual. We have some spare parts for the machine that will go with it.

This would also make a great machine to get back and forth to a remote cabin or restore it and show it off!

Let me know if you would like additional pictures or information.

$3000 OBO

Thanks much!

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