1926 Snowmobile - YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!

Nov 26, 2007
Find one of those buried in a barn somewhere.

LOL I know where there is one. Just like that one with the big screws under it.

It is at the Mining Museum in Butte Montana. It is sitting out side in a pile of junk but most of it is still there.

Kinda cool. I thought it was for floating on water and the screws made it go forward.

Water skipping with a tractor.

Nov 26, 2007
Central MN
Yee-haw only the 6th time this has been posted... Kinda like one of the chain letters letting us know Bill Gates is sharing his wealth if we forward the letter! Neat nonetheless
Dec 30, 2008
wow... what a turning radius... anyone get how steering was accomplished for sure? he pointed but i didnt quite understand what he was getting at
lets see some sidehilling action
Snowmobile 1924

In 1924 my grand grand fathers brother and a friend built and got patent on a snowmobile. In 1927 they went to se Henry Ford and they asked for 200 000 dollars (at that time)to sell the patent to Ford. He returned and said that they could get 100 000 for it. After seven meetings they went back to Sweden and the deal was never sealed. Thats why we to day dont ride Ford snowmobiles.

They built two of the snowmobiles (based on a T-Ford) and one survived all these years. It's located at "Folke Booghs Skogs & Flottar Museum" some 45 minutes drive from Östersund, Sweden.

Hopefully I will go there this spring and film it so the whole world can se the first swedish/american snowmobile.
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