17 King Cat Iceage Elevate Kit Installed

I figured i would let everyone know my experience in case they were contemplating doing the same. The install of the kit was relatively easy. The only part that took a little time was some grinding to make the front bogey wheel brackets work with the thicker rail. The other part that was interesting is throwing away the old limiter strap bar and utilizing the front anti-stab bar as the new limiter strap bar in the skid. this is due to the height increase of the rail.

I will just say the sled is a completely different animal now. It is almost effortless to get it onto its side. I even had a buddy with that has a 17 sidewinder MTX and had him take a few rips on in and he ended up tipping it over a few times. During that same time i rode his and it just felt like a tank compared to my sled with the kit on it. Even had the father in-law ride it (he is a hardcore doo guy) and he tipped it over and said it was too tippy. Overall, this was hands down the best upgrade i have done to the sled and i am very pleased with it.
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