07 skidoo summit rev 800 tach not working and warning lights

Nov 19, 2017
Ok so i went riding the other day and the sled was great. Went home washed it and started up and put it in the garage and it was fine. The other day my son was on the sled and hitting the throttle and i could smell gas so i wanted to start it up and run it. Started right up but my tac doesn't seem to be working now and i have a couple of lights on, a engine management system light, low voltage light (no battery, rope start) and a engine overheat warning. also when i first started it the word "scale" would display and not go awaye which never happened before. Sled seems to run fine and reves up and moves but i haven't been able to take it out and test it full throttle to make sure. Any ideas?


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Nov 26, 2007
Sounds like the relay went bad on you. Napa or any other car parts store will have them for a lot less then BRP. Bet it fixes your problem.
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