07 Polaris 797 Mod Sled

pura vida

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Nov 26, 2007
Sled began life as an 07 600 RMK 155. Now has:

Carl's cycle 797 with full case and cylinder porting
Comes with both Polaris race twin pipes and SLP single pipe and can
Bored Carbs
SLP Air horn
Holtzman ATACC (no need to ever jet)
144 X 2.5 Camoplast Challenger Extreme track
Shortened tunnel to fit shorter track
Avid Combo drivers and anti-stab kit
Dropped and Rolled chain case (3/4 down, 7/8 back)
Bulkhead heat exchanger delete
Holz A-arms and Spindles
Holz Rear skid
Fox float shocks all they way around
Straight rails
Holz big wheel kit
Snow Eliminators
15.5 Gallon Trail Tank w/ 09 dragon seat
Handle bar and two under cowling bags
Side and shock tower vents and flow rites
Tri City Polaris front bumper

I basically built an Assault before Polaris did, only better. The sled runs on pump gas with the single pipe and 100 octane with the twins. The sled runs all day long without worry. Clutching and jetting is perfect and with the ATACC you never have to touch the jetting. The motor rips from -20 to 50+ degrees and from sea level to 6000+ feet without worry or any needed jetting changes. The drop and roll added a lot of clearance where stock Polaris has always left something to be desired. The motor is fresh with about 1000 miles on the bottom end and less than 300 on new pistons and rings. This sled flat rips with either exhaust set up and is one of the most fun sleds I've been on. Noticeably more power than my 09 D8.




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