06 M7 LE custom

Nov 28, 2007
Valdez Alaska
2006 M7:
* BMP ported motor with a trued/welded crank and nitrous coated Wiesco
matched pistons. plus two matched spare coated pistons.
* Stock cat top-end complete with pistons and power valves.
* NPP single pipe/can. DnD y-pipe./ Stock pipe and can.
* Boss Noss 10 wet kit 60hp.
* RKT secondary kit/ New primary with MDS clutch kit.
* Boss Seat./ Stock seat.
* Simmons Gen 1 ski's/ Zbros 46" suspension.
* A/C race rear sus. powder coated black with HCR 90 duro P.C track.
* V.E. rear tunnell section with improved Snow Eliminators.
* Race Pak Avenger III.
* The sled runs great I think its got 2000 miles after last weekend. I'm probably missing something. PM me for details.. $5500.00 OBO


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