06 600 Fusion very hard to turn over

Dec 31, 2017
I am new to the forum and am not sure if I'm in the right thread but all help is appreciated.

Last week I went to pull my clutch off and was given the wrong puller. I did not know that until I looked deeper into it.
To start I ran the puller in and tapped it with a hammer. Clutch did not come off. I did this several several times. Afraid of damaging the crank I stopped. I then found the pullers threads weren't allowing the puller to touch the crank. I shaved some threads off and then tried it again. The clutch fell right off in my hand as it should.

I rebuilt the clutch and put it on my sled. Went to pull it over and the recoil wouldn't even budge. I pulled the recoil off thinking something my be frozen. That was not the case. I then tried to spin the clutch by hand and it was very very hard but it did spin. I pulled the plugs out and still very very hard. I pulled both crank case drain plugs and it's still very very hard.
I have heat in the shed but it does get to -20 at night. Creates condensation in the shed.
The snow is great here and I'm itching to ride. Any suggestions on what to do are greatly appreciated as I'm pulling my hair out trying to solve this.

Ps sled did run and drive multiple times before I took the clutch off. Fresh gas and oil. When the motor is spun over by hand, it does not sound like anything is binding or grinding. Just very very hard to spin by hand.
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